The Present Maximizing the Now

The more you become focused in the ‘Now’ the more you are open to the opportunities that present themselves to you… and ultimately the more you enjoy from your life right now.

The more you’re enjoying where you are right now, the more opportunities you see… and the more you take them, the quicker you move towards where you want to be in life.

ENJOY THE PRESENT… it’s a Gift :))

Whilst you drift into hypnosis with the relaxing music you put the powerful resources of your unconscious mind to work. Reprogramming and supercharging your unconscious mind. You will get best results if you listen to this session 3-5 times in the first week because repetition is the key…

Use this Theta Binaural Beats version to experience an even deeper session. Binaural Beats create a Theta Binaural Tone. By listening to this audio your brainwaves will synchronise with the Theta Binaural Beat helping you go deeper into trance.

Suggested onward hypnotic journeying…

Living in the Present, with an Attitude of Grateful, means you excel toward the life of your desires, enjoying the present moment to its fullest.

First listen to Gratitude: When you enter the peaceful state of Gratitude you add positivity and abundance to your life. This is Hypnosis for Peace, Abundance & Happiness.

Then onward to Future Fantastic: Now is the best time to plan your future. Take time to create the future you want, improve relationships, excel your career.