Supreme Self-Confidence

This powerful Trypnosis session will rewire your unconscious mind for supreme self confidence in any situation.

Every moment in your past right the way back to childhood with supports your confidence or knocks it. Lack of confidence and fear are ingrained into our unconscious mind from an early age by our parents, our friends and even our school teachers, telling us that we cannot do that, or we are not good enough, or it’s too dangerous, or not ‘cool’.

Fear is something that develops from our own personal failures throughout our life. This memory of failure can be hard-wired into our unconscious mind to the point it replays itself every time we are a faced with a challenge – often paralysing you from accomplishing the things you might otherwise want to do. Sometimes this fear is rational and serves to protect you, like not playing with fire, but most of the time it’s not and it just holds you back.

Thankfully we can wipe the unconscious tape recorder clean, and instead reprogram it for Supreme Self Confidence in any situation that is beneficial to you. ‘Confidence Comes from Competence’ this is the Mantra We Sing.

We have spent time with some of the world’s best athletes, coaches, entrepreneurs, artists and they will all tell you that their extreme levels of self confidence comes from dedication and practice. In this session we give you the mind tools and strategies to make implementing your creative ideas and becoming highly competent an effortless and enjoyable process. The next step in creating your perfect life is to have self confidence in any situation.