“Do anything 7-Days in a row and it’s going to make a difference!”

MindCamp 1: Releasing

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MindCamp 2 Gratitude

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MindCamp 3 – Future Fantastic

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Mind Camps

In these Mind Camps you will learn powerful psychological techniques for change… better than that… we will do them together over 7 days, in Short Daily Audios.

These are Conscious Mind guided visualisations, NLP techniques etc… which we will do together, different skills and techniques each day… always short, fun and easy.

After you have listened to your Short Daily Audio… Now for your Unconsious Mind, relax and listen to the Hypnotic PowerNap session… ideally with headphones.

You’ll be listening to the same Hypnosis session each day, because the more you do a thing the the easier it becomes. “Synapses that fire together, wire together.”

Ideal Scenario: for 7 days in a row you listen to the 7 Short Daily Audios and follow along with the techniques shared… Then you listen to the 11 minute Hypnotic PowerNap each day too.

Be okay to give yourself positive encouragement for what you are doing each day, and give yourself permission to be ‘ok’ about missing a day… just get back on it, recognise your successes and feel good.

Results: how will you know if you got a result? An outcome and a baseline has to be in mind to measure any change… we’ll go deeper into that in Mind Camp III.

~ noun: Bootcamp
“A type of physical training that consists of many different types of exercise done on a regular basis and designed for improving one’s physical fitness or skills in a particular subject area.”

~ noun: Mindcamp
“A FUN mental training that consists of many different types of tools, techniques and exercises done regularly, designed to make you more AWESOME.”