Quick Start

Hypnosis Sessions

You will find the full length Hypnosis sessions (and packages of hypnosis recordings) covering a wide range of topics.

Ideally listen to each session every day for a week or at least aim for 5 days. However if you only listen 3 times in a week this is better than doing it no times, just aim to do more by adding in another week.

Once you’ve listened like this, you can come back to the same track weeks, months or years later for a top-up and listen again as many times as you wish. In fact you can listen to the same track a couple of times a week for year, some people do! There is no limit to reinforcing a good habit.

Hypnotic PowerNaps

Sometimes when you get that mid afternoon slump and you feel you start to need to sleep, a power nap can be used to quickly recharge your batteries.

The effectiveness of a power nap has even been proven by science yet it is still incredibly under used.

Power naps have been used throughout history by some of the most successful and influential minds: Salvador Dali, Aldous Huxley, Thomas Edison, Da Vinci, Einstein and many more…

Between 10 and 20 minutes is the optimal length of a power nap according to NASA scientists. Any longer and you may start slipping into deeper states of sleep.

The Hypnotic PowerNap Focuses your mind in a scientifically approved and numerically aligned length – 11 minutes.

These 11 minute PowerNaps are often best used after you have experienced the full length hypnosis session of the same name.

Use them for 11 minutes of supercharging bliss, adding a powerful hypnotic boost of relaxation and focused motivation to your day.

HypnoSleep Editions

In the 6-Week: Personal Transformation Program and the Releasing Collection the hypnosis sessions have extra HypnoSleep editions.

With no wake-up’ at the end, these recording are for using at bedtime, with no BWE requiring headphones you can simply play these sessions from speakers (even your phone) when going to sleep and you’ll simply drift into sleep from the hypnosis recording.

This session is best used after listening to the normal version at least 3 times, for the ultimate in effortless reinforcement of the hypnosis.

Guided Visualsations

The deceptive thing about the term ‘Visualsation’ is that it may lead one to believe feelings are not important.

When you Visualize it means you should also ‘hear it’ in your minds ear. It means ‘feel it’ in your body.

Like a chef tastes and smells the food they prepare, you too must engage ALL of your senses to create a sensory rich experience in your mind.

Using Hypnotic language and principles the Guided Visualisation can be like an inspirational story or even sports psychology techniques.

Typically you close your eyes for all or part of the session to engage the element of your thinking mind. This allows your deeper mind to fill in the spaces, creating new thoughts, heightening your focus and directing your mental resources into your desired outcome.

Conscious Mind Primers (CMP’s)

Hypnosis is most concerned with making change at a deeper (deeper than what?), level, inside your unconscious mind… now, the CMP’s are to prime your mind for the change.

In in many cases actually make the change you’re after in and of themselves.

…oftentimes people come to me and say things like: they want to be more confident. Where, I ask? Where in your life do you want to be more confident…? You’re confident enough to ask me for what you want, so tell me, which areas of life do you want to be more confident in?

This focuses the outcomes.

This creates criteria that can be measured. Your success is there to be measured in order to know you’ve achieved what you set out to.

These CMP’s can be focused in any area of life that’s currently important to you.

Confidence in your social or career life, dietary changes in your Health for fitness, in your spiritual life, relationships… anywhere you choose, as often as you want to learn and grow and Get More Results. Happy Daze.

Mind Camps

In these Mind Camps you will learn powerful psychological techniques for change… better than that… we will do them together over 7 days, in Short Daily Audios.

These are Conscious Mind guided visualisations, NLP techniques etc… which we will do together, different skills and techniques each day… always short, fun and easy.

After you have listened to your Short Daily Audio… Now for your Unconsious Mind, relax and listen to the Hypnotic PowerNap session… ideally with headphones.

You’ll be listening to the same Hypnosis session each day, because the more you do a thing the the easier it becomes. “Synapses that fire together, wire together.”

Ideal Scenario: for 7 days in a row you listen to the 7 Short Daily Audios and follow along with the techniques shared… Then you listen to the 11 minute Hypnotic PowerNap each day too.

Be okay to give yourself positive encouragement for what you are doing each day, and give yourself permission to be ‘ok’ about missing a day… just get back on it, recognise your successes and feel good.

Results: how will you know if you got a result? An outcome and a baseline has to be in mind to measure any change… we’ll go deeper into that in Mind Camp III.

~ noun: Bootcamp
“A type of physical training that consists of many different types of exercise done on a regular basis and designed for improving one’s physical fitness or skills in a particular subject area.”

~ noun: Mindcamp
“A FUN mental training that consists of many different types of tools, techniques and exercises done regularly, designed to make you more AWESOME.”

Picture this, it’s common place… a Yoga class, its full and people are enjoying their practice.

Q: Don’t they know all the ‘moves’ already?

A: They are not there because they don’t know the Asana’s, meditations and breathing (Pranayama)… they are there to make sure they do it. Accountability, to get results. YES they are or should be learning and growing while at the classes… but the main reason is:


“Neurons that fire together wire together”.

Dormant wiring… falls apart. Apart from riding a bike. lol you never forget how to ride a bike :))

If you only go to the gym or yoga class once your results are going to be so small you’ll not really notice them (beyond maybe some sore muscles for a day lol)… mental Asana’s… mental exersies typically create results faster and longer lasting than anything at the gym.

900 seconds focusing on the What Do You Want question, from a place of Gratitude and positivity, letting Go of any block in your way. This is why you succeed.

You create outcomes that are aligned with what you want and then allow the Hypnosis to do the heavy lifting for you.

Get clear and focused, feel good and get everything out of your way for success.