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Imagine what WILL happen when you focus just 15 minutes each week on yourself… using a PROVEN 3-Step Process for getting Results.

1) Creating & Making Manifest. Getting clarity and focus on the future you want to achieve, and regularly using the Timeline process to map it out into your future.

2) Releasing & Letting Go. Let go of the past, get over it and get on with your life… crush any blocks or issues that come up in your life.

3) Gratitude & the Right Now. Be grateful for what you have, and enjoy more of your favourite things, activities, people and places in your life right now.

Making time for just 900 Seconds of Mental Exercise a week in a group of like-minded people… coming from a place of Gratitude… then you can create Real Miracles in your life.

Using proven and effective Psychological Techniques to eliminate the blocks stopping you… as well as focusing both your Conscious Mind and your Unconscious Mind TOGETHER.

I just feel wonderful and am noticing subtle shifts. Thank you for your generosity of spirit.
Suz D.J
“Very cool little synchronicity’s have been popping up and my head is buzzing…. very cool new vibration. Thanks much! Namaste.”
Becky T
“This is totally awesome. I feel phenomenal. Everyday has been better than the last… Words cannot express how grateful I am.”
Tellie K

Here Is Where Your Future Success is Rooted

900 Seconds of Accountability with Proven Mental Technologies, Focusing on Your Personal Development

For many the Biggest Value of the HYPNOSIS LOUNGE is 900 Seconds Live. Committing just 15 minutes, once a week… This is where Success is Rooted.

With a Weekly Series of ‘Live’ mental processes that are at the core of the value you will be getting as a V.I.P Member of the Hypnosis Lounge.

The 900 Seconds Series is a space for Releasing & Letting Go of the blocks holding you back… with Gratitude in the now… and Creating & Making Manifest the life you really want.

Sometimes limiting beliefs and blocks can get in the way, keeping people stuck repeating the same negative patterns… with 900 Seconds you will be Releasing & Letting Go of them each week, utilising effective, proven mental technologies for rapid transformations.

Then expressing Gratitude in the Right Now, this is being in the ‘Flow State’… being grateful for what you do have and your current opportunities… it’s a great place to Create & Make Manifest from… and with 900 Seconds you will learn some strategies to access your ‘Flow State’ at will.

and Creating & Making Manifest the Life you REALLY want. Creating a Clear Mental Image of it, making it well-formed, positively phrased with outcomes that you can realistically achieve… Your Success is guaranteed utilising the 4 Categories of Well-Formedness.  

PLUS Your V.I.P Membership to the Hypnosis Lounge includes Complete Unlimited Streaming Access to all these high value programs:

Personal Transformation: Focusing on 6 Key Areas of Life, each module contains Hypnosis Sessions and highly targeted Conscious Mind Primers designed to create deep and lasting change.

Value $199

Peak Power Trypnosis: Waking up to Peak Performance everyday with these unique Trypnosis Sessions. Including a Conscious Mind Primer and 5x Trypnosis Sessions for Peak Mental Performance.

Value $199

Releasing & Letting Go Hypnosis Collection: a collection of 3 Hypnosis titles for Deep Mind/Body Healing and igniting the spark for Making Manifest the Life you want.

Value $199

The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis Series: Based on the Wealth Creation Classic of the same name, this includes 17x Hypnosis Sessions, one for each chapter of the book. Your Money Mindset determines your level of wealth.

Value $199

PLUS: Harmonise Your Conscious & Unconscious Minds
Your V.I.P Membership also includes Unlimited Streaming Access to:

The Free Your Mind Video Webinar Series: Start living with a greater sense of comfort and happiness than ever before. Dissolve limiting beliefs & negative self-talk. Create new positive beliefs & habits.

Value $397

The Inner Circle Video Webinars Series: Over 10 Hours of video based training using a hypnotic approach to your learning. Multi-layered trainings you’ll benefit from each time you watch and re-watch them.

Value $997

Regular Mind Camps supporting you along your journey.
~ noun: Bootcamp: “A type of physical training that consists of many different types of exercise done on a regular basis and designed for improving one’s physical fitness or skills in a particular subject area.”
~ noun: Mindcamp: “A FUN mental training that consists of many different types of tools, techniques and exercises done regularly, designed to make you more AWESOME.”

Value $199
Total Value $2,389

“Your recordings actually help to get a person out of a sea of confusion and even lies that are constantly being spun in today’s society
“Well done John. I have listened to plenty of meditation/hypnosis sessions in the past over decades and I cannot remember when I came out in such a peaceful state as when I have listened to your session one
“You are an excellent example of the craft! I’ve got to say your hypnosis is ‘mind bending’. Even after listening to many other hypnotists and recordings over the years and being an Ericksonian hypnotherapist!”

Why Doing Nine Hundred Seconds of Mental Exercises each week is So Much More Effective than Hypnosis alone

In the 900 Seconds ‘Live’, you’ll release and let go of any blocks holding you back, cultivate gratitude in the present moment, and take the time to create and manifest the life you truly want.

First let’s look at Yoga practice as an example… there is the physical component to Yoga, the Asana practice…

Physical vs Mental

Certain Yoga classes follow the exact same sequence of movements (Asana) every time and are still well attended… why do people still attend, especially when the student has learned the sequence in full?

Answer, the Accountability of another person or group. The energy of a community. (Try going to just one Yoga Class in London, Paris, New York etc… it would cost more than an entire months V.I.P Membership to the Hypnosis Lounge…)

Committing just 900 seconds of mental exercises each week is a manageable and achievable goal that can make a significant impact on your growth and success.

Make mental exercises a regular part of your routine and watch your transformation unfold.

Imagine how much you will achieve when you spend 900 Seconds doing your Mental Asana Practice each week.

Digital vs Analogue

Mental exercises, that took just minutes to perform, can have lasting effects for decades.

You know the kind of thing, you’ve heard the stories… someone with a flying phobia that they’ve had for decades, visits a hypnotherapist and its gone in 30 minutes. They’re flying around everywhere.

This is what I refer to as digital change, meaning it either is or isn’t there; eg: you’re either scared of dogs or not. Fear of flying or not… one or the other, on or off i.e. digital.

Analogue is like Motivation, Creativity, Confidence… you can have some motivation, a bit more, and more… loads of confidence etc. from very little to enormous levels, these are Analogue Changes, a sliding scale.

Some of these things you only need to get over once (AND you will in the Hypnosis Lounge), while others you want to keep improving upon them, and applying them to different areas of your life.

Zig Ziglar often likened motivation to taking a bath, saying you need to do it daily.

The same is true for Creativity, the more you practice the more it grows…

Imagine how much you will transform when you spend 900 Seconds increasing your Motivation, Creativity, Positivity, Confidence, etc… each week.

“Want to Achieve Success? All it takes is 15 minutes a week as a V.I.P Member of the Hypnosis Lounge! Our weekly series of Live mental processes is the key to unlocking your full potential.

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“When I listen to the trypnosis session it feels like I’m flying it is simply wonderful and I almost can not do without it… thanks once again”
Elsa Ellisson
Co-Founder, Themeum
I have been listening to Peak Power Hypnosis and the Science of getting Rich Hypnosis and you have inspired me more than I have ever imagined.
Michael Smith
Co-Founder, Themeum
I have bought all your hypnosis programs recently and they have changed my life.”
Warren Thackeray Dip.Hyp.